ME Bank Sky Signage Melbourne

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With signage rights for their new headquarters at Melbourne Central Tower, ME Bank engaged Best Group as the successful design and planning consultant for the development of high level sky signage on the building. The project has been running for over twelve months and has involved distance viewing analysis, design concepts, construction issue documentation, moral rights approvals with the original building architect, planning approval, building permit approval and structural engineering certification. The fully glazed facade of the building presents an extremely complex reality, and the implementation methodology requires expert contractors to complete works with managing public safety critical to the success of the project.

The City of Melbourne made an example of our Planning Application and used the documentation as a benchmark within the planning department. This landmark project solidifies the bank as part of corporate Australia and is their first skyline presence in the history of the company. The expertise and attention to detail that best group has demonstrated throughout this project ensured the development of signage that meets the brand objectives in making a statement within the melbourne  skyline. Furthermore, we have managed multiple stakeholders to successfully implement this complex landmark project.