City of Melbourne Christmas

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Following our collaboration with the City of Melbourne in delivering the Mistletoe  Bridge in 2012, Best Group were again approached to partner with the City and their creative agency in delivering yet another new addition to Melbourne’s ever growing calibre of world class Christmas Decorations. It was envisaged that Bourke Street Mall (one of Melbourne’s most iconic destinations) be turned into an luminescent art installation adopting the theme of ‘Jingle Bells’. Collaborating with the capital works team at the City of Melbourne, and HIVE creative agency, Best Group developed manufacturing specification for the delivery of 800 custom moulded and printed bell shapes to be fitted with RGB LED bulbs.

Working within the constraints of hanging weight limits from the existing Bourke Street Mall net above the tram lines, Best Group worked with engineering specifications to develop a suitable weighted product that would enable the vast quantity to be installed. The process involved sampling, working with the creative agency and vacuum moulders to effectively distort flat artwork into correct appearance once moulded and to achieve the right balance of translucency for illumination. Best Group successfully delivered 800 moulded and printed acrylic bells with light fittings in record time for installation as part of the 2013 City of Melbourne Christmas Decoration program. The result is one that has brought the Bourke Street Mall to life; adds to the city Christmas vibe and one that will be entrenched in Melbourne’s Christmas spirit for years to come.