The Use of Smell in the Built Environment….

By Mar 27 2012 News One Comment

We have been accustomed to fast food chains using ‘scent’ as a strategy to attract and urge customers to purchase! Subway, McDonalds, Donut King, Krispy Kreme… you name it, they’ve done it.

Food and scent go hand in hand… and it has worked! Everyone knows what its used for, but it still influences customer decision making; subconsciously.

Word on the street is that NAB (one of Australia’s Big 4 Banks) is creating a ‘NAB Scent’ that will deployed in all branches. This strategy is a direct bid to elevate the brand experience in the built environment by reaching out to another ‘sensual’ emotive reaction from customers.

It will take time… but I am sure it will work at the end of the day.

Is it important for a bank… when their product actually¬†doesn’t¬†smell. Why the hell not?? Its an example of a brand recognising what their physical touch point stands for and trying to cut through the competition offering.

What will NAB smell like?? Will it be distinctive?? And what imagery/feelings will the smell evoke in customers??? Only time will tell…

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