The Role of a Construction Manager

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Within the signage industry, the role adopts the necessary management techniques for achieving a predetermined scope whilst managing the cost and timeframe.

The project life can vary from an hour to years and costs can vary from giveaways to multi-millions of dollars.

From a projects inception, the role requires the coordination of planning, design resourcing, estimating, contracting and the construction for the duration of the project.

The project manager in the construction sector of our industry harnesses all of the above and exerts their experience to effectively ‘break-down’ the whole-of scope, into individual, or grouped, tasks for ease in tracking.

“Silos” you could call them, are established to identify the key deliverables, the associated risks, stakeholders expectations and the cost of delivery.

Construction management requires a thorough understanding of design and the process of construction as there is usually a specific set of objectives and constraints.

As much as it would love to be a simple “process driven” role, the reality is, the day to day goals and objectives can change (often do) and the ability to think on your feet and problem solve on the spot is essential to the success or failure of a project.

If the planning is done, the project costed properly, the risks identified at inception and monitored throughout the duration of the project, the design phase accurate, resources allocated and committed and the right contractors for the right tasks engaged, most projects can be relatively pain free.

Communication and time allocation are also essential for the construction manager and both have to be engrained in “ones” psyche to be successful in the role.

Throw in human resource and OH & S roles for good measure and you’re just about there.

One final ingredient, possibly the most important, be good with people… adopt a no-nonsense approach and be outcome focused at all times.


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