Best Group Appointed Wayfinding Consultants for North Head Sanctuary, Sydney Harbour

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Following an Australia wide search for a wayfinding consultancy team, Sydney Harbour Trust has appointed Best Group to lead the process of auditing existing conditions and devising a new strategy to wayfinding, aiding users through this space and driving positive experiences.

All with the major objective of elevating recognition of the precinct throughout Australia and the world as a true destination that provides one of Sydney Harbour’s true hidden natural wonders!

Even though our project scope centres around signage and improving the built environment; Best Group’s strategy team understands that signage only forms one aspect of driving wayfinding and user experience in the twenty first century. Our strategy intertwines recommendations for the development and integration of digital solutions as phase two to increase online awareness of the space and cater for the many different user groups identified through the research phase.

We have recently delivered the proposed new strategy for the space, which has been received with excitement by the team at Harbour Trust and is currently being endorsed by

The next stage is the fun part; bringing the strategy to life through designing signage (and other elements) for the built environment.

Stay tuned… but here is a sneak peak of what our team gets to enjoy every time we visit the site.

Simply amazing!



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