ME Bank Lights up Melbourne Skyline!

By Mar 26 2012 News No Comments

Thursday 15th March was indeed a very special evening for both Best Group and Members Equity Bank! Representatives from both companies embarked on the rooftop of Emerald Peacock in the Melb CBD to witness history.

Following over 18 months design development work, we all celebrated the lighting of the first facade elevation sky sign on Melbourne Central Tower together with owner GPT.

This is momentous occasion for all project stakeholders. It’s the first sky sign (branded) for ME Bank in an Australian capital city, its one of the largest sky signs to dominate the Melb CBD and its the first time a brand has been featured atop Melbourne Central Tower since it was built in 1991.

The project has several complexities; namely the fact that we are attaching a signage structure to a building with a glass facade with tenancies both above and below the works area. Combine this with the fact that below is part of Melbourne Central retail space which requires blanket public access and you can start to get a picture of just what a mammoth task is being undertaken.

With a specialist implementation team on-site, we are thrilled to see the first sign live, and are looking forward to moving our way around MCT to complete all four sides of the building.

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