Times Have Most Certainly Changed!

By Aug 17 2012 News 2 Comments

It wasn’t until we came across this image when completing a project for a client recently that prompted us to reflect and discuss the change within the signage industry and the mamoth amount of rapid growth its experienced over the past few decades.

What has truly happened to the trade of ‘signwriting’??

This image concurs memories of a bygone era… As we all sit in the office today in front a desk that houses a laptop, an iPad and iPhone for mobile working and a phone that is continually attached to our ears. Gone are these days of being able to observe and appreciate a trade… we are now continually chasing our tails, and strategically blending the evolution of digital methods into the traditional form of ‘signage’.

What is interesting is the representation of ‘hand-craft’. A concept that in many industries has gone by the way side. Where the below depicts a gentleman hand painting a ‘Beware’ sign… we now constantly refer to this as statutory compliance and maybe in direc ontrast to back then, there is a lot more consideration taken into the design of such a sign;

  • Compliance with relevant codes
  • Appropriate text height
  • Legal text compliance
  • Positioning for installation
  • Does it need braille and tactile components?
For what may have seemed so simple to these men, can now be a highly measured process of multi-disciplinary design and trade in the twenty first century.
Blending and combining; intertwining information, graphic and industrial design components for signage that forms part of the built environment is what we now live and breathe every day.
It appears to me that as society has developed, we have moved from the ‘literal’ to the¬†intensely¬†‘considered’ within the signage industry. Each built element represents so much more than just the literal and it is the managing and coordinating of all these considerations that will continue to define the industry moving into the future.
Food for thought… what will this image look like in ten to twenty years time? Now, it may represent a split screen of a designer at a computer with machined manufacturing processes…
My prediction for the future would see the representation of now, with a further split screen that depicts highly-skilled technical individuals integrating multi-modes of technology into the process.
Blending technology, integration and activation techniques with the traditional static methods.
Its exciting… and we are part of it!



  • ana says:

    Hi guys

    We are a signage design company in perth and have been doing some research in an effort to source a traditional signwriting image for use in our foyer – and absolutely fell in love with the image that was part of this post (seems to have dropped off at time of writing..) and wondered if it would be at all possible to get hold of a high resolution copy of the image – of course, we would be happy to purchase it.

    I’ve been having a good look around and so far haven’t seen anything better. We are presently upgrading all of our branding and really think this image fits with what we are trying to achieve.

    Thanks for putting the pic up and the blog – we are just as excited as you guys about the developments in the signage industry and are always looking for new and improved ways to offer our clients a better and more relevant product.

    And thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards, Ana

  • Jacob Burke says:

    Thanks for the post Ana! Great to hear from you

    This particular image is owned by a client of ours (we just delivered it as part of a project scope) and so I need to check with them about release and any associated costs!

    I will do so and get back to you ASAP

    Its a great image isnt it… glad you stumbled upon our BLOG and look forward to speaking soon


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