Best Group Appointed as NSW Government Signage Consultant!

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Signage Consultant
Best Group is thrilled to announce its successful appointment as ongoing signage consultant and project manager for NSW government property agency ‘Government Property NSW’.Following the successful development and testing of a new GPNSW signage style guide throughout 2012, the agency is now rolling out the new elements to its network of property assets throughout the state (including several key government buildings in Sydney CBD).The project includes integration of a new technological ‘tenant directory’ system to a number of the assets, together with new external identification signage and statutory/compliance signage items.

‘Our team are thrilled to be involved in this large scale project, and indeed, to continue our successful partnership with the NSW State Government into 2013. Signage Consultancy and Project Management of multi-site rebranding projects is something we are all passionate about here at Best Group, and we look forward to being able to add value to the overall project outcome’, Best Group Projects Director Jacob Burke said.

The new style guidelines developed by Best Group in 2012 includes several new signage family types that minimise long term, life cycle signage costs for GPNSW. ‘The new platform of signage being rolled out helps better identify government property and associated service delivery for the people of NSW, whilst balancing expenditure for the managing agency in the long term’, Jacob said.

Best Group has reaffirmed its commitment to blending both static and active branded signage elements with the introduction of a new centrally controlled digital system for managing ‘tenant directories across the property asset network. ‘This is ground breaking for a government agency, and with the selected technology partner, will represent one of the largest directory screen networks within NSW’, Jacob said.

‘We are passionate about driving the future, and we were so excited that GPNSW was on board right from the start with a new way of doing things. It will provide significant long term cost efficiencies to the agency’, he said.

The signage consultancy services to be undertaken by Best Group on behalf of GPNSW includes:

– Signage Audit Data Rationalisation
– Individual Site Signage Documentation
– Tender/EOI Management
– Budget Management
– Risk Management
– Contractor Management (Manufacture/Installation)

It is envisaged that the new signage will be rolled out to nearly 100 sites throughout NSW (metro and regional) by June 30 2013.


  • Rhonda says:

    This is very exciting, please keep us updated with directory screen progress, will be fascinating to see! Congratulations!

    • Jacob Burke says:

      Thanks Rhonda; it is very exciting and the team look forward to implementing this innovative technology solution for the NSW State Government.
      – Jacob Burke

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