Open Space at MCEC!

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BE Branding… the concept that came from today’s Best Group team outing to ‘Open Space’ at the Melbourne Convention Centre.When I signed up to take my team out on a day trip; the term OPEN SPACE conjured ideas and thinking around the literal concept; ‘open + space’. Instead, what we enjoyed was a perplexed presentation on the notion of human connection and how that relates to business.

The audience of the free event was taken on a journey of reflection and discovery about what makes us ‘tick’ and how in essence, instinctively, humans feel, THEN think. (I must say, sometimes I am guilty of being the EXACT opposite to that)

The concept of ‘BE Branding’ really struck a chord with me… and the wider BG team in general. In essence, its about

1. BElief
2. BElong
3. BEhave

Combined is when business thrives… for all stakeholders in business (customers/staff/leaders) there is a sense of connected’ness; a purpose (a BElief) which naturally derives belonging and in turn, shapes beahviour!

We’ve most certainly got a BElief here at BG… and today has just prompted me to lead and entrench this purpose more and more into everyday communciations and interactions with staff and clients!

One thing I am proud to state is a culture that fosters taking risks, idea creation (nothing is ever too stupid or ‘far fetched’ in here) and challenging the status quo in everything we do! Its inspiring…

Free events like this should be praised as part of the business scene in Melbourne; they get teams (indeed individuals) AWAY from desks, meeting rooms, phones and the dreaded lurgy of instantaneous availability on email to help us put things in perspective.

All too often, we get wrapped up in the pedantics of everyday business life (budgets, targets, client requirements, monotonous task exertion) and put the wider concept of ‘being’ and ‘interacting’ into focus.

Life is about sometimes being crazy… taking risks… being politically incorrect… stating the UN-obvious and speaking a belief.

Just take 5 mins to think about all of that… like many other successful leaders/brands/businesses around the world; I think more of us can go that extra mile and ‘humanise’ what we do. At every turn!

Congrats to the MCEC team for delivering this inaugural event free to the business public of Melbourne; the world’s most livable city!

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