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Enter to Australia… Samsung with a rival user experience store for its increasing array of digital lifestyle products. The question is… is it too late?

Apple (Samsung’s largest competitor) has been in the Australian market with flagship retail experience stores for the last 2-3 years… they have plenty of cash to splash in creating large, impactful retail environments. The interesting thing is; the store isnt designed purely for sales. Apple’s store is about engaging the user with its product and heavily driven on support. Skillfully, Apple understands that e-commerce in the 21st century

As Samsung’s product line continues to expand (and indeed improve); it will be interesting to see whether the electronics manufacturer can take on the success of Apple in the local Australian marketplace. And this store opening in George Street is clearly part of a wider strategy to do so.

Can they do it? The opening of 450 George Street as a user haven for Samsung enthusiasts is most definitely a signal to Apple that they are here; and ready to challenge!

What will be difficult is matching Apple’s superior brand awareness and more importantly, engagement. Together with the multi-platform of product and service offerings that Apple offers consumers worldwide. The latest Samsung ads for the Galaxy with the tagline ‘Designed for Humans’ didnt really engage with me…. (I am glad their devices are designed for me to us; not my pet!) These ads are still very product focused (reminiscent of their past; where they have come from) They will need to change this strategy drastically to even scratch at the surface of Apple’s genius in delivering brand and product advertising that purely inspires us as consumers and effectively communicates the ‘value-add’ of their products to everyday life.

I have a Samsung TV at home… would I then go and buy a Galaxy? At this point; I am not convinced. They are going to need to do more to convert me!

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