Barry Plant Rosebud Retail Office Opens!

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Following the development of a new ‘Franchise Retail Design’ style guide for Barry Plant Corporate in 2012, Best Group is now being engaged by several offices to apply the new look and feel to Victoria’s largest real estate franchise network.Prior to Christmas 2012, Best Group were engaged to design and construct the new Rosebud office; the latest addition to the growing franchise network. Working with both the corporate office and the franchisee, Best Group applied the new style guide to the selected retail space and managed the fitout of all elements.The result is brilliant and is a true reflection of the overall retail design intent for the Barry Plant brand. Delivering all elements ready for an official opening on January 14th 2013.

Of the overall retail design concept, Barry Plant Marketing Manager Shiona Pearson said, “I have been working with Jacob Burke from the Best Group for ten years – initially as a signage company where they provided high quality solutions to the signage requirements of a range of Barry Plant offices. Recently we utilised their skills in work space management and interior design to create a vision and a style guide for the interiors of our real estate offices.  This involved research into typical real estate office workflow and space utilisation as well as strategizing about the ultimate customer experience.  As a result of recommendations from the Best Group we ended up totally re-thinking our client spaces.  We went from a look that was all about re-enforcing our branding at every opportunity and impressing (we thought) every client with a minimalist, sleek, über professional reception area to an look that was warm, welcoming and reflected through fabric and texture elements of homes – the product we deal in”.

Best Group is continuing to work with franchisee offices on updating their offices to reflect the new look and feel; all in a combined and considered effort to increase the consistency of retail design across the franchise network to bolster the customer experience and engagement in the built environment.

The team at Best Group congratulate Craig, Rod and the team at Rosebud and wish them every success as the office develops in the Rosebud area.

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