We’re true Melbourne foodies at heart…

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All of us here at Best Group have a passion for great coffee and awesome food… its part our DNA being based in Melbourne; Australia’s food experience capital.

We’ve been working on some great new hospitality projects of late and one went live to the public just last week. Ironically, its been a project for our own Projects Director, Jacob Burke, as he has sought to bring his own passion for food to life.

PATCH opened as the new culinary offering within the landmark Studio 9 development in Richmond last weekend and the feedback to date has been nothing but extraordinary. PATCH brings Jacob’s (and business partner Tom Davidson’s) passion for the paleolithic eating lifestyle to Melbourne; allowing the discerning cafe lover to enjoy an amazing ambient experience in a stunning setting, but whilst learning that you can do so by eating all your favorites in a non ‘processed’ foodie kind of way.

Jacob engaged the services of his team to project manage the ‘design experience’ for this new concept and the result is set to get some heads in the industry turning.

Collaborating with the exceptional talent of Studio You Me; the Best Group team have spent the last 6-months bringing the concept to life, across the following disciplines;

– Branding
– Brand Culture & Tone
– Built Brand (Interior, Signage, Uniforms)
– Brand Collateral

The result is an amazing experience that carefully balances ambiance, food and service. We’re pretty proud; of both our work, and the vision that Jacob and Tom have collectively brought to the project.

Its a MUST see. Check out PATCH at Studio 9,  32 Bendigo Street, Richmond VIC 3121.
Open from 7am-4pm, 7 days

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