New Quest Signage Design Strategy Delivered!

By Apr 16 2013 News No Comments
 Following our appointment as ongoing ‘built brand’ consultants, Best Group has developed and delivered a new set of signage style guidelines for Quest Corporate in the first quarter of 2013.This new signage design strategy places a renewed focus on the importance of signage as a brand communication medium for the Australia’s largest accommodation provider and is a much more considered approach to how internal and external brand presentation feeds into certain aspects of the overall Quest customer experience.Last week marked the opening of Quest on Franklin in Adelaide, South Australia. This is one of the first new properties delivered with the new built brand signage design throughout their Australian network.We are THRILLED with the result; the implemented, as-built design just reiterates our design objectives. It’s on-brand, on-experience and we are excited about seeing this new signage design gradually roll out across the Quest franchise network throughout Australia.signage design wayfinding design Quest Franklin Design Quest Franklin Design

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