Digital Inspiration: Andy Warhol Digital Art

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With days full of project work and deadlines here at Best Group, sometimes it is nice to peruse the internet and enjoy a read about the wonderful world of design.

A particularly eye-catching article was found on which is based on Andy Warhol and the recent surfacing of his work in digital form in a previous partnership with Commodore International. Warhol’s digital art experimentation is truly a testament to his genius and his ability to go one step further.

Here at Best Group, we strive to do the same in our field. We are operating in a digitally driven age that is allowing us alike Andy, to experiment, create and push the boundaries as far as they will go, particularly in a built brand environment.

If you have time, head over to Desktop Magazine and take a look at the article and be as inspired as we are.

Andy-2 Andy-1

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