Seriously Brilliant Marketing; Australia's new online letterbox!

By Mar 26 2012 News No Comments

In an industry that is fraught with risk as technology starts to dominate the world… Australia Post has come out with all guns blazing on the innovation front.

The most exciting aspect of this new product is that Australia Post realises they have more to offer Australians than to just deliver the traditional tangible post… its in mass decline and they are moving with the times.

And whats even better is the 30 new Australia Post ‘Superstores’ which will act as a built, physical touch point for consumers to engage with the brand and extend the service provision over and above what we as Australians are accustomed.

“The new superstores will have a 24-hour zone with vending machines, parcel lockers and self-service terminals, as well as a Harvey World Travel store, an American Express currency exchange outlet and a concierge to help customers”

In terms of innovation, GO Australia Post I say. We can all learn a lot from strategies like this. I am excited to see what the built result will resemble.


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