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It’s yet another Monday AM… and ‘routinely’ I am up to my third Long Mac for the day. Subconsciously, as a Melbourn’ite, I have trained and coaxed my existence into an apparent need for caffeine to kick start my day.BUT… pondering over this concept perplexes me to delve more into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ this habitual routine has engulfed my life (and indeed, lifestyle)As a marketing professional; I’ve observed the past decade transpire and confidentially proclaim that it be labelled the ‘lifestyle decade’. We have seen nearly every industry attempt to increase market share by creating (and indeed promoting) products and services that evoke our ambition for a ‘better’ lifestyle.

With this in mind; its back to the coffee. My working week consists of an in-built desire to enjoy reading the paper, eating a cooked breakfast over umpteen coffees. All within an ‘environment’ of a cafe. My weekends (classified as ‘social’ time) are surprisingly spent doing exactly the same.

As I watch the dollars pour out on items that we are continually told can be enjoyed for ‘less’ at home; I ask what it is that drives me to continue this habitual behaviour?

I put it down to an urban’ism concept (cliched as many may sound) of belonging and experiencing; with food, and with people!

A friend reiterated this via a facebook status this morning. ‘I seriously love how your local cafe becomes your little family’ is what was stated for their social media network to read… and I couldnt agree more.

Working professionally in built experiences, together with immersing myself in being a true Melbourne urbanite (inner-city resident), I epitomise the cliche of the ‘Melbourne Cafe Culture’.

The reason I continue to invest in this ‘lifestyle’ choice is simple. I enjoy it. Its an experience, and a bloody good one at that! I have a passion and love for food, for coffee, and I am often described as an extrovert; hence the love for being around people. Each time I make a conscious decision to go to a cafe (whether alone, or with friends), it is another social experience. And as these experiences increase in frequency, you become whats known in cafe terms as a ‘regular’. This concept is where the sense of belonging comes from that my friend was referring to in his facebook post.

I have made friends, we chat about more than just what I am ordering… we people watch, we drink coffee, we laugh, we smile… Its human interaction at its best, and I LOVE it.

Its not about the money, its about the ‘experience’… indeed a ‘belonging’… and I encourage all other fellow urbanites to board the train!

Having traveled locally and internationally (for leisure and for business), there are many cafe cultures emerging and trying to leverage this increasingly popular lifestyle industry. There is no place that does it better than Melbourne… we have created, leveraged and sustained. And we continue to evolve it… with new openings the cornerstone of the immersed sub-culture.

With a new venue on the horizon most weeks here in Melbourne; I try in pursuit of all those things I have just discussed. And what amazes me (proving my point) is that sometimes, its not even about the food or coffee. That suddenly becomes an augmented product in the overall ‘experience’. Ive had mediocre food and coffee at a place where I simply enjoy the experience.

Its a funny, subconscious lifestyle culture… but for one, Im not intending to stop anytime soon!

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