'Branding' (not Branded!)

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On Friday, I pondered over the influence we as a team here at Best Group have value added to projects over the past six months! It was definitely an exciting moment… there is no more rewarding result than being able to reflect about the challenges we have taken our clients on.

It also brought to light an area that we continually experience as we embark on reviewing ‘branded spaces’ in the physical environment.

In our office, its a philosophy that I call ‘Branding, not Branded’. Fundamentally, the spectrum has changed with applying brands to the built environment.

Traditionally… we as the general public would expect to enter a branded space and be confronted with solid branded elements (sometimes on EVERY available surface… why? I am not quite sure).

Today however, we as a collective group are exposed to so much more ‘BRAND’ through the advancement of technology and as such, can often be put off by over branded spaces.

What we focus on is ‘branding'; that is everything that encompasses the brand. Essentially, its about dissecting the ‘brand blueprint’ and ensuring that all of these elements are prevalent to developing the notion of ‘brand experience’. Its a tangible… so make it so. Think about not just sight (slapping the brand everywhere) but ALL of the senses and create a space that truly embodies all that your brand stands for.

Space is now about memorable experiences, its about ‘feeling’ and an emotional connection. It is the only way people will come back. We need to think about the MOTIVATION for users to engage in a space and what they want to get out it? Is it brand engagement? Service interaction?

My favorite example of this at present is the work we are doing with an airline from a terminal identification and wayfinding signage strategy perspective… its not about over saturating the brand, or trying to sell them a fare. They have already transacted with the airline… the terminal space is sometimes the first built realm where a customer will engage physically. However, fundamentally, all they want to do is get on the plane and to their destination. This opportunity and insight needs to be fostered and as such, the signage and ‘brandING’ within the space aides this functional user interaction. The result will be far higher from a positive brand experience point of view than simply slapping up yet another brand on every wall.

Whether its temporary/bespoke built space, or a fixed environment, I challenge you to re-think your strategy? Is the brand/logo itself over represented? And do users/consumers really get to experience all that your brand encompasses/stands for?

Thats what we focus on… all day, everyday!

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