Brand Activation is the future of ‘Growth’

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Its a near everyday occurrence that we are bombarded with a media flurry about unstable global economic stability, and declining sectors in Australia.

Having experienced this since the lurgy of the ‘GFC’ smashed growth in 2008; I am perplexed as to why Australia cant stand up strong, and celebrate our envied position of prosperity. Sure, some may say we are being propped by unprecedented investment in the resources sector, but for some reason, productivity and ‘activation’ in the other sectors seems to be stalling. All propelled by uncertainty and what I see as utmost conservatism in companies and brands willing to take calculated risks to spur on spending.

Retail is widely reported on with FMCG brands, however we all know that Australia also comprises a vast array of ‘services retail’ providers. And this number is on the rapid increase.

What astonishes me is the slow uptake on understanding brand/user ‘experience’ and the direct correlation with growth. With e-commerce and technology starting to dominate healthy debate with comparison to traditional built brand experience, brands need to understand how to integrate ‘multi-channel’ platforms to activate their brands.

In my opinion, innovation in brand activation is the only future method for growth! And we, customers/users, are screaming for it!

Australian marketers need to begin devising strategies that are rid of the norm. Instead; provide us with a holistic brand experience that immerses us with a brand. One that is engaging, interactive, artisinal and transitory. One that engages deeper and evokes stimulation in us all to feel a new connection.

Not long ago, I remember seeing a near full page image on the front of The Age that depicted an empty David Jones entrance off Bourke St Mall in Melbourne. Yes, OK, this might be a retail example, but it was again another media report about customers deserting the traditional. Only too, confirmed by the retailer itself in media releases.

My frustration with this is the continual ‘woe is me’ and ‘negativity’. What I want to see is something other than a kitchy catch phrase on a TV commercial… something that is emphatically different. A brand ‘activation’ strategy that will change the next image The Age wishes to publish on the front page.

All of this commentary was prompted by several examples I have seen overseas. Strategies that have changed similar situations. Solutions that we in Australia have yet to see, let alone experience!

The best to date is from e-trader in South Korea. This example of multi-platform brand activation is simple brilliance. Yes it may be a store… but now, its a brand experience.

And… it worked! Check it out below.

I am sure that by watching this; you will agree that ‘Brand Activation’ is most certainly the future of growth.


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