Best Group Welcomes Scott Burroughs!

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Best by name, best by nature.

With this in mind, Projects Director Jacob Burke knew he had to attract experienced, client focused, solution driven team members.

“We simply want the best team possible; our future lies in recruiting and retaining the best people.” Jacob said.

So this month, Best Group brought on board Scott Burroughs, as senior project manager, whose knowledge and expertise would create an even better result for our client base.

“Best Group is being recognised by their peers as a genuine competitor and are having an impact within the industry. I want to be a part of that,” Scott said

When I first met with Jacob, I could see a drive, a passion and a focused commitment not only to business in general, but also the sector we occupy and live everyday.

“I thought if I could bring my experience and passion to Best Group it would help fulfil my desire, but also my potential to create something of significance at Best Group”.

And Scott does bring experience – he has worked within the industry (whole) for 27 years, spent 4 years in the exhibition industry throughout Europe managing key accounts for the European Motor Shows along with event management throughout Australasia.

Scott said “a common pitfall in the industry was not being involved early enough.”

“Design and budget constraints are common obstacles we face everyday, but being so client-centric I see this as a challenge and one I thrive on it – taking that concept and delivering it for the client”

“One way or another I will deliver it – it just takes some nous, some passion and a lot of drive.” Ultimately it is about the end product but there is no end without a start line.

The big appeal about joining Best Group for Scott was the innovative, cutting edge focus and Best Group’s refreshing approach to the industry.

Best Group are a relatively small team with a mass resource; and resource they do, aligning themselves with the “Best of the Best” – industry-wide, countrywide to collaborate, align and plan – to deliver.

“There are no blinkers; we are here to take it on and introduce a cutting edge, environmentally appealing solution to the branded environment with an energy that’s refreshing” Scott said.

Scott joins Best group after 5 ½ years at Diadem.
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