Another Melbourne Apartment Project Selling Tool…

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Melbourne’s property market is reported to be slowing… so long standing client partner engaged Best Group from the very early stages when flagging an idea to capitalise on the thousands of cars that travel on Citylink each day as yet another marketing communication channel to prompt enquiry for the Village Park Development.

Having worked with the joint venture partners over the past three years on all built property marketing implementation, we were enaged by the overall Project Manager to collaborate on the design and implementation project management of a 3 sided mono-pole freeway billboard that would solely owned by the developers. It has been designed and built as a lucrative asset to billboard company’s at the end of the project.

Design management included collaboration with the Building Surveyors and working closely with the client to drive both permit approval, together with VicRoads location approval.

The entire structure was built and installed in the timeframe of about 45 days with our partner ‘Outdoor Elements’.

A big congrats to all project stakeholders… as you are driving to or from the airport, make sure to watch out for the HYDE APARTMENTS billboard up in lights at night (just near the Flemington Road exit)

The billboard will remain installed in its current position until the completion of the entire residential development.


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